7 Best Places To Travel In July In Europe

7 Best Places To Travel In July 2020 In Europe

Well when it comes to traveling, not all of us are into impromptu travel. Sometimes it is good to plan in advance, read about the places you want to visit and have a rough itinerary before actually heading to your next destination. Whether you are a spontaneous person or a planner, traveling for a fact gives all of us that necessary escape which keeps us going in life. It uplifts our spirits and rejuvenates our minds. While finding the best places to travel in July in Europe is not that difficult, as post-May and June, tourism is relatively lower, it really comes down to narrowing your choices and it is here when this guide will come handy.

7 of the best places to travel in July in Europe locks down to Porto, Lisbon, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Florence and Budapest. There are countless other destinations but these are definitely on top. Owing to the exclusive array of architecture, culture, heritage, nightlife and more, none of these places will leave you in a humdrum.

So let’s delve in and satiate our hidden wanderlust. These places offer just the right experience to give you that much-needed summer break. Here are the 7 best places to travel in July in Europe. One quick advice; Don’t just mark your footprints but soak in everything that these destinations have to offer.

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Here are 7 Best European Places To Visit In July

  • Porto, Portugal: “A Colorful Town To Get Lost in”
  • Budapest, Hungary: “The Paris Of The East”
  • Prague, Czechia: “The Golden City Of One Hundred Spires”
  • Vienna, Austria: “The City Of Dreams, Music, And Coffeehouses”
  • Lisbon, Portugal: “The Enchanting & Captivating Capital Of Portugal”
  • Berlin, Germany: “The Greatest Cultural Extravaganza One Could Imagine”
  • Florence, Italy: “If Italy were Mona Lisa then Florence would be her smile”

1. Porto, Portugal

Number one on our list of best places to travel in July in Europe is Porto. Porto is a fascinating, colorful and vibrant city. Situated on the river Duoro, with art nouveau cafes, medieval architecture, defining Dom Luis I Bridge, and wine cellars, it has something for everyone.

July (and August) mark the peak summertime in Porto when the entire country basks in the summer sunshine. With an average high of 25C and a low of 16C, summers make a perfect time to enjoy Porto beaches. Thanks to the town’s proximity to the Atlantic ocean, Porto’s enjoys the biggest drop in temperature during the night.

Another reason why Porto is a desired place to travel in July is WINE. If you are a wine lover like me, nothing could be better than being in a Port wine capital, tasting some finest Porto wines at various wine cellars, or enjoying a local Portuguese specialty at one of many terrace diners.

Checkout this Guided Wine tour: Taste 3 different port wines and visit some of the oldest wine cellars in Porto.

best places to travel in July, Europe

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Oldest Wine Cellars: Calem & Caves Ferreira

Must-See Places: Luรญs I Bridge, Livraria Lello, Ribeira Square, Clรฉrigos Church, and Port Wine.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Another great European city to visit in July is Budapest. Budapest is undoubtedly one of the best-value cities in the world. Rightly known as “The Paris Of The East”, Budapest draws millions of visitors every year. Made up of two cities on each side of the river Danube, the Hungarian Capital is rich in history and culture. Its beautiful architecture, elegant boulevards, and bustling streets are bound to take any visitor’s heart away.

Though July is one of the hottest months in Budapest, it also brings in many advantages. I couldn’t suggest a better way to escape the summer heat than soaking in the outdoor baths and pools. In fact, Budapest is sometimes referred to as ‘the city of baths’, as it has more than 100 natural springs beneath it.

Apart from a zillion of Spa parties in Szechenyi Baths, you can also attend tons of summer concerts happening in June and July in Budapest. Many ruin bars and pubs set up temporary open-air arrangements during summer, and to add to the entertainment, they combine it with live music, open terraces, and โ€˜tasting toursโ€™.

All in all, if you are looking to have a crazy- fun summer, visiting Budapest in July is a great option.

best places to travel in july, budapest

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3. Vienna, Austria

Number three on our list of best places to travel in July is Vienna.No city expounds elegance and grandeur like the capital of Austria. From the imperial architecture of bygone eras to traditional stupendous coffeehouses, from musical masterpieces to epicurean inspired design scenes, Vienna makes for a superb summer break.

I don’t think in particular there is a bad time to visit Vienna, but summer is special. Though July (and august) are gloriously hot, they also guarantee plenty of fun activities around the city. In summer, outdoor seating pop up around Viennaโ€™s bars, cafรฉs, and coffeehouses.

July also is the high season for Vienna’s wine taverns. This means you can enjoy tons of spritzers (local homegrown wine) especially in the low hills of Nussdorf and Grinzing, Vienna.

In Summer, the city also holds it’s best food fair and the biggest seasonal event, the annual film and food festival in front of the City Hall (Rathaus). The atmosphere is electric, with food stalls selling specialties from all corners of the world and of course Vienna.

Vienna is celebrated as ‘World’s capital of Music’. Waltzes and operettas have their home in Vienna. Though music concerts happen all year round, you can definitely enjoy some of the best ones in July. Find the details here.

Jazz fan? Checkout Vienna Jazz Festival, attended by many international and local famed Jazz artists.

best places to travel in july, Vienna
Vienna, Austria

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4. Florence, Italy

The next addition to our list of 7 best places to travel in July in Europe is Florence. Florence is an incredible city. Frankly, it will be ideal to visit Tuscany’s capital in off-seasons when it is less crowded but sometimes a summer holiday in Italy is too much to resist.

Once ranked as the most beautiful city by the Forbes magazine, Florence or Firenze as dubbed by the locals, explodes with monuments, museums, culture, and renaissance art. Location wise it holds an advantage as well. Situated in the center of the Tuscan region, it is an ideal base for many day trips like Pisa, San Gamigio, Sienna, other small towns and many fabulous wineries.

What a better way to beat the summer heat, than indulging in delicious cold gelato? In fact, Florence is rumored to be the birthplace of gelato. You can find gelato shops in literally every street and piazza.

July also promises many other fun activities in and around Florence. From music festivals to medieval fairs, food festivals to exhibits, and zillions of other breathtaking experiences. Florence is one place you should definitely include if you are visiting Europe in July.

best places to visit in July, Florence, Italy.
Florence, Italy

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Must-Do Activities in Florence: Have tons of Gelato, Visit Dumo, Uffizi Gallery, Piazzale Michelangelo, Galleria dell’Accademia, and Ponte Vecchio.

5. Berlin, Germany

Another amazing destination to travel to in July in Berlin. Berlin is a busy city all year round, but unlike other European destinations, it is quite spread out. Which means it never feels overwhelming. Summer brings in long sunny days, outdoor activities, open-air festivals, beer gardens galore, cultural events, and more.

Though it is fun throughout the year, summers indeed are the best season to visit the German capital. July relatively experiences low tourists ( compared to other European destinations like Vatican and Rome), temperature ranges anywhere around 35C, with cool mornings and evenings and best of all, Berliners seem to be a little more happy and friendly in summer.

With outdoor cafes, pools, beer gardens, parks, lakefronts, and beach bars, Berlin is definitely one of the best cities to evade summer heat.

May, June, and July are also festival months in Berlin. With CSD (The Berlin Pride Celebration) and the aforementioned Karneval der Kulturen, happening every year between May and July, Berlin is the place to go to if you are looking to have a fantastic chill-out summer.

best places to travel in July, berlin
Berlin, Germany

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6. Prague, Czech Republic

“The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade” – Richard Wagner. I feel nothing illustrates the beauty of Prague better than these gorgeous lines. It is a city of splendid vistas, world-class architecture, history, and truly made of golden spires, for which it is known for.

Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations, which obviously means it is busy all year round. July is high season month, so you can expect a huge number of people around the main attractions, but it is also the best month to travel to Prague in terms of weather. With warm, but mostly not hot afternoons, cool but mostly not chilly nights, the weather can’t get better than July.

Summer (July) also brings in a high number of fun summer concerts and cultural festivals like Prague Proms and new Prague dance festivals. So the buzzing nightlife, rich and varied history, and good weather, undeniably put Prague among the best places to visit in July in Europe.

Best places to travel in July, Prague
Charles Bridge, Prague

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7. Lisbon, Portugal

Situated at the mouth of the Tagus river, Portugal’s coastal capital is charismatic and vibrant. Overflowing with historic landmarks, riveting culture, and delicious food, Lisbon is one of the top places to travel in July. Whether you are traveling with family or alone, this city will welcome you with an open heart. And best of all, it is very affordable.

Blessed with a glorious climate all year round, Lisbon attracts visitors every season. July tends to be the hottest month with an average temperature ranging anywhere between 18C – 28C. However, the heat gets tempered by the cool north sea breeze, one of the reasons why many travelers in Europe come to Lisbon for their summer break.

With nice weather, summer draws oodles of outdoor activities, concerts, and festivals. Like Festival ao Largo, a free outdoor classical music festival, Super Bock Super Rock, a 3 day of rock and roll music with loads of beer and internationally renowned musicians, and NOS alive, ranked among the top 12 European music festivals.

With so much to do, see and experience, Lisbon is one destination you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Europe in summer.

Belรฉm Tower, Lisbon
Belรฉm Tower, Lisbon

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