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Planning your first solo travel can often be daunting. Figuring out smallest details from accommodation, travel, food, sightseeing could be exhausting but thanks to the smartphone world we are living in, everything is literally just one click away. These are my recommended apps for solo travellers.

There are tons of amazing some not so amazing travel apps you can download for free on your phones. After lot of hit and trial I made a list of my favourite ones. I actually use them for most of my travels.

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apps for solo travler


  1. You probably must have heard of this one. As the name suggest, its a great platform to look for the hostels as per your budget. My favourite thing about this app is the basic filters it offers like location preferences, no cost bookings, the RATINGS. This is something I always look for specially the reviews by other solo travellers. If you are a budget traveler like me and looking for quality hostels to stay at, Hostelworld great app for solo travellers.

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Apps for staying in hostel, solo travler,where to stay , apps for solo travellers


I am putting this one on my list of apps for solo travellers because of few reasons. If you are looking for both budget friendly hotels/hostels with specific recommendations for solo travellers, try Apart from the basic features like ratings, reviews, no cost bookings, cool thing about this app is that it shows real pictures of rooms/dorms you are booking. Its a great plus if you are booking a hostel because sometimes you don’t get the room/bed you saw on the website. Trust me, this has happened with me and nothing can be more annoying. I would really recommend this app for solo travellers.

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Apps for staying in hostel, solo travler,where to stay , apps for solo travellers

If you are looking for a homestay without having to pay for lodging, this is an app for you. Its completely based on social networking. So basically you sign up, give introductions about you ,connect with other people and look for the willing local host at your travel destination. Its a good way to meet local people. I have used this app few times and no bad experiences so far but I still prefer staying at hostel just because of the surety of people and place.

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Apps for staying in hostel, solo travler,where to stay , apps for solo travellers


I am sure you know about this app but I still want to mention this. Great for homestay lodging. The only thing I don’t like about this company is that they don’t offer 0 cost bookings.

I usually use this for experiences like local cooking class, photography, meet ups, or just about anything else. They have great options at reasonable price. Also its a great way to meet people if you are traveling solo.

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I absolutely love this app. If you are looking to find bargain fares specially for international flights, download Momondo. I have been using this for over an year now. I still usually do a thorough research before booking my flights & haven’t found anything cheaper than what this website offers. Try it yourself.I feel its should be one of the must apps for solo travellers.

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Traveling within Europe

If you are traveling within Europe or planning your trip, DOWNLOAD this app. Seriously DO IT. I got to know about this through a fellow traveler in Europe and I can’t thank him enough. This saved me so much time and money. What it does is compare the different train, bus and flight routes available between the two destinations based on time & fare. So you don’t have to check multiple websites for the same.

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If you are traveling by yourself and want to share a table experience and a lovely LOCAL meal with locals, this is a good app. Its a cool way to exchange with people and discover new cultures around Food.

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  • Local Activities and Experience

As the name suggest, this app kinda act as your guide in new location by offering tickets to various attractions, museums and other touristy things. You can also look for group activities like tours, biking, kayaking etc. depending on your interests and budget.

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  • Socializing

Its a great social networking app which lets you connect with local groups and events so you can meet new people and try new things. You can also make your own group and invite other travelers to join. I used this when I was in Prague, went to a language exchange event and had a great time.

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I hope you find this article helpful. Have a wonderful day/night, depending when you are reading this  ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

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