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4 Spectacular Belgium Christmas Markets 2019-2020

Just like any other European destination, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year in Belgium. The warm and cozy vibe of the country could be seen throughout various Christmas markets in its major cities and towns. Different Belgium Christmas markets may seem similar but are unique in many ways.

If you happen to travel to Belgium during this period, Christmas markets are something you just cannot afford to miss. Imagine snow-covered buildings and streets adorned with dazzling fairy lights, the smell of warm waffles and mulled wine (Glรผhwein) in a cold winter night, delicious Belgian chocolates and beer calling you from snug meticulously decorated cafe’s. Christmas Markets in Belgium are true winter delight.

Most if not all the town is Belgium have Christmas Markets. I have highlighted 4 of my absolute favorites. These are among the most popular Christmas Markets in Belgium. Let’s find out!

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1. Brussels ‘Winter Wonders’

1. Brussels 'Winter Wonders'

Brussels, being the capital of Belgium host one of the most notable Christmas Market in the country. Unlike other European Christmas Markets, Brussels has one huge market (almost 2 km long), set in the area between the Grand-Place, Rue de la Bourse, Place Sainte-Catherine, and Marchรฉ aux Poissons โ€“ Vismet.

Everything Christmasy one would imagine, you will find here. From a big decorated fir tree to an ice skating rink, from dozens and dozens of traditional wooden chalets selling everything from local food, drinks, and handicrafts to an illuminated Ferris wheel. Brussels’s Christmas winter wonder has something for every kind of visitor.ย 

Dates : November 29, 2019- January 5, 2020

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2. Bruges Christmas Market

2. Bruges Christmas Market

Often referred to as โ€˜Venice of the Northโ€™, Bruges is undoubtedly a postcard village. It remains one of my favorite places in Europe. During Christmas entire town is transformed into a festive spirit. Every house is adorned with Christmas trees, fairy lights are strung upon the whole town, and as you walk down the streets you can sense Christmas cheer out and loud in everyone you meet.

There are two Christmas Markets in Bruges, located at Markt Square and Simon Stevinplein. Both the markets are walking distance from each other, situated in and around the cozy city centre. You will find countless shops selling all kinds of Christmas decorations, famous Belgium chocolates, local food delicacies and off-course Belgium Beer.

Dates : November 22, 2019- January 4, 2020

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3. Antwerp Christmas Market

3.  Antwerp Christmas Market

Like other big Belgium Christmas Markets, Antwerp’s Christmas market is spread throughout main squares, in and around the historic city centre: The Grote Markt, Suikerrui, Handschoenmarkt, the Groenplaats, and Steenplein. All these squares are situated within walking distance, making it extremely easy to cover the entire market on foot.

If you enjoy shopping, this market should be on your list. With more than 100 stalls there is plenty to explore. Even if you don’t buy anything, go for the atmosphere. It’s fantastic. Plenty of food, an ice skating rink, many friendly rides and attractions, Antwerp Christmas market exudes Christmas spirit.

Dates : December 7, 2019- January 5, 2020

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4. Ghent Christmas Market : Gentse Winterfeesten

4.  Ghent Christmas Market : Gentse Winterfeesten

Ghent is not a big town, less than 156 square Km, but that’s what makes Christmas here more special. The Ghent Christmas market is small and cozy.

What I love about Gentse Winterfeesten is the lively Christmas spirit among people. Every corner, street, building, and house oozes homeliness, coziness, warmth and Christmas magic.

If you are visiting Belgium for a short time and could pick only one Christmas Market, I will recommend Ghent’s Christmas Market. You will not be disappointed. For a small town, the Christmas market is relatively big. With over 150 wooden stalls, a big ice skating rink, a merry go round fir tree, and like other Belgium Christmas Markets, plenty of mouthwatering food and drinks, Ghent’s Christmas Market is a Nordic winter fairytale.

Dates : December 6, 2019- January 6, 2020

Official Website Ghent Christmas Market 2019-2020

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Wishing you much happiness! May your world be filled with warmth and Cheer! Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year !!! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ๐Ÿงฆ๐Ÿงก

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Belgium Christmas Markets 2019-2020

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