Where to stay in Berlin?

Where To Stay In Berlin: A Complete Neighbourhood Guide To Berlin, Germany

So you have picked Berlin as your next travel destination. Well, congratulations! Berlin is awesome. It is a city that is bound to mesmerize you with its unique mix of culture, people, crazy nightlife, fascinating history, amazing music and of course awesome neighborhoods. You probably must have heard that Berlin is huge. But to give you a perspective of how big German capital is, it’s 9 times the size of Paris. Yes, it is so spread out. With so many neighborhoods, deciding where to stay in Berlin may seem daunting at first. But don’t worry! It is here when this blog will be helpful.

Berlin is divided into 12 districts, locally known as ‘Bezirk’. Each of these bezirk is further divided into smaller neighborhoods or ‘Kiez’.

Each neighborhood has its own culture, vibe, people, history, and attractions. It really comes down to your personal preference and budget. To make it simpler here are my recommendations with neighborhoods (things to see, and suggestions for great hotels and hostels), for the different price ranges. I have sorted the list for your convenience.

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This page contains affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase, which I will be extremely grateful for. Please see my disclosure for more information.

Map of Berlin's Neighbourhoods: Where To Stay In Berlin
Berlin Neighbourhoods

Mitte (If It Is Your First Time In Berlin)

Mitte is home to many must-see tourist attractions. Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Gendarmenmarkt, etc. are a few of them. As you can see from the map it is most centrally located.

With so many sightseeing spots, it is off course a popular neighborhood among tourists. Which means Mitte can be expensive at times. To get the best price I will suggest booking your accommodation in advance. I have painstakingly made a list of best Hotels and Hostel in Mitte. Here they are:

Stunning Luxury Hotel (Around 150โ‚ฌ)

Grand Hyatt is a 5-star property with a large rooftop spa and pool and spectacular views of the city. Located in the lively Potsdamer Platz district, just 300 m from the Sony Center, it also offers stylish restaurants and bars. View the availability here.

Grand Hyatt, Berlin Germany
Grand Hyatt

For more accommodation options in Berlin, check out Booking.com. I always use it for all my hotels/hostels booking. They offer the best price, with great customer service.

Awesome Mid Range Hotel (Between 50โ‚ฌ- 100โ‚ฌ)

Hotel Gat Point Charlie is an excellent design hotel just 50 m from Checkpoint Charlie and the Friedrichstrasse shopping street. The rooms are bright and tidy and I think theyโ€™re just perfect for some relaxation after a day full of exploring and adventures in the city. View the availability here.

Hotel Gat Point Charlie, where to stay in Berlin
Hotel Gat Point Charlie

Flottwell Berlin Hotel & Residenz am Park is another good choice. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with a good work table, kitchen, and seating area. They also offer bicycles and e-bikes for rent. With plenty of Board games, books in addition to seven different playgrounds, including swings and a trampoline, this property is amazing especially if you are traveling with children. View the availability here.

Good Value Budget Hotel ( Less Than 50โ‚ฌ)

Arte Luise Kunsthotel is a beautiful colorful motel at an extremely convenient price. Each room is individually decorated with modern, artistic, and original concepts. They also feature a spacious courtyard terrace which is perfect to relax with few drinks and snacks. View the availability here.

Nice Hostel In Mitte (15โ‚ฌ- 30โ‚ฌ)

Singer109 Hotel & Hostel is an excellent pick for budget travelers. With different types of rooms (dorms to private), they also provide free Wi-Fi and a fun lounge area where you can unwind or even make friends with other travelers. View the availability here.

The Circus Hostel is a trendy hostel, another great option. All rooms and dormitories are contemporary decorated. They offer many facilities like bike rental facilities, free Wi-Fi, and rental iPads and laptops. Moreover, there is a bar with own brewery on the ground floor. It is great, especially for solo travelers. View the availability here.

The Circus Hostel , Berlin
The Circus Hostel

Where To Stay In Berlin?

Kreuzberg (Berlin’s Coolest Neighbourhood)

Kreuzberg is Berlin’s coolest neighborhood. If you want to party, this where you should stay. Also known as ‘Xberg’, it has tons of nightclubs, lounges, and bars. There are many communities living here, which means you can try different styles of food at a variety of restaurants. Also, it is LGBT friendly, with a cool hipster vibe. Even if you don’t stay, you must visit this neighborhood at least once on your trip to Berlin.

Not big on partying? It’s okay. There are plenty of other things in Kreuzberg to enjoy like street art, wall paintings or you can chill at one of many cool cafes. Here are my recommendations for the best accommodation in Kreuzberg:

Gorgeous Luxury Hotel (Around 150โ‚ฌ)

Orania is a stunning hotel located in Kreuzberg. The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and some of them have a great view of Oranienplatz. This hotel is located in a historic building famous for hosting artists, and musicians. Check The Availability Here.

Orania , where to stay in Berlin

Awesome Mid Range Hotel (Between 50โ‚ฌ- 100โ‚ฌ)

Grimmยดs Hotel is Potsdamer Platz is a super modern hotel in Berlin with very good prices. The overall design is very chic and contemporary and the rooms are simply amazing. Check The Availability Here.

Good Value Budget Hotel ( Around Than 50โ‚ฌ)

With tidy and comfortable rooms, a nearby underground station and reasonable price, The Cat’s Pajamas Hostel has everything you will need for a good budget stay in the city. Check The Availability Here.

The Cat's Pajamas Hostel, stay in berlin
The Cat’s Pajamas Hostel

Nice Hostel (15โ‚ฌ- 30โ‚ฌ)

Apart from The Cat’s Pajamas, Grand Hostel Berlin Classic is another cool hostel in Kreuzberg. The rooms are elegant, simple and contemporary. There is a bar on site which is awesome to hang out and make new friends. Check The Availability Here.

Where To Stay In Berlin?

Neukรถlln (Away But Close To The Centre)

Neukรถlln, also known as ‘Little Istanbul’ as many Turkish people live here, is a gorgeous neighborhood with gobs of Turkish style restaurants, bars, cafes ( coffee is something you must try here). There are many art galleries and funky eateries as well. It has a chill and relaxed vibe to it.

From the map above, you will notice, it is away from the main center. Which means you can find plenty of good hotels at a decent price. I think it is an awesome option for budget travelers. You won’t find many luxury hotels here though. Here are my recommendations for good mid-range and budget hotels:

Nice Mid Range Hotel

Erlanger Hof 3-star hotel just 100 m from Rathaus Neukรถlln Underground Station. They also serve delicious buffets for breakfast. Check The Availability Here.

Erlanger Hof , Neukรถlln Berlin
Erlanger Hof

Good Value For Money, Budget Hotel

Riverside Lodge is a great choice, especially for solo travelers. Apart from clean, spacious and comfortable rooms, they have a shared lounge, and a kitchen, an awesome way to meet new travelers. Check The Availability Here.

Cool Hostel

This is no brainer. The Minimal Hostel is the best hostel in the neighborhood. The vibe of the place is very friendly, rooms are clean, very well connected with public transport. So if you are a budget traveler, looking for a nice, cozy and friendly place to stay, Minimal hostel is a great pick. Check The Availability Here.

The Minimal Hostel, where to stay in berlin
The Minimal Hostel

Where To Stay In Berlin?

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (If Traveling With Kids)

This definitely is Berlin’s most luxurious neighborhood. With plenty of high ends and designer stores, luxurious hotels, ostentatious facades, historical buildings, and gorgeous theatres, this area will take you back to the old-time royal era. So if you are traveling with children and looking to splurge, stay here. There are a plethora of children and family-friendly hotels in this neighborhood. Here are my recommendations;

Stunning Luxury Hotel

Louisa’s Place is an amazing luxury hotel. Their rooms are spacious, perfect when you are traveling with kids. Moreover, they have a separate kitchen, where you can cook your meals if you wish. The best part, Holistic Ayurvedic treatments are available in the wellness area that also comes with a sauna and a steam bath. It is a very family-friendly hotel. Check The Availability Here.

Louisa's Place ,Berlin
Louisa’s Place

You can also find apartments to stay in on Airbnb, which is particularly good value when you get up to $42 off your first Airbnb booking if you use my link.

Great Mid Range Hotel

Sofitel Berlin Kurfรผrstendamm is a modern 5-star design hotel. They have a french fusion restaurant, an outdoor terrace, and a Lounge Bar, which is perfect if you wanna relax and enjoy a drink in the evening after getting exhausted from all the exploring and travel. Check The Availability Here.

Sofitel Berlin Kurfรผrstendamm, berlin
Sofitel Berlin Kurfรผrstendamm

Nice Budget Hostel + Hotel

Happy Go Lucky is a hostel plus Hotel. Set in a traditional Berlin building, it offers nice and clean private and shared rooms. I think it is a good value for money property. Check The Availability Here.

Happy Go Lucky, berlin
Happy Go Lucky

Looking For More Fun Things To Do In Berlin?

PS- I hope you have a wonderful time in Berlin. It is a city which will surely change your perspective about the world we live in.

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3 days in berlin

3 Days In Berlin: An Ultimate Travel Guide

Straddling on the banks of the river Spree, the capital of Germany is unostentatiously cool, open-minded, welcoming, vibrant and by far the most free-spirited city in Europe. Once linked with tumultuous years of war, unrest, and destruction, today it is a city that is flourishing with progression, culture, art, and prosperity. I can easily say, it is one of my favorite cities in Europe and after reading this ‘3 days in Berlin’ travel guide you will know why.

So, if you are planning to visit in the near future, Congrats! Berlin is bound to mesmerize you with its unique mix of people, eclectic culture, crazy nightlife, turbulent history, amazing music, and awesome neighborhoods.

So how do you start planning? There is so much to see and do in Berlin. Are 3 days enough to see the best of Berlin? Well, Yes and No. No, because Berlin is huge. To know the city from its surface, you at least need one week. But three days are still good enough to cover the main sights, enjoy some cool neighborhoods and get a good feel of Berlin.

Now, the key to making the best of your 3 days in Berlin comes down to your planning, knowing exactly what to do, or maybe having a rough itinerary beforehand. And it is here when this travel guide will come handy. I have covered almost everything you probably will need to know to have an unforgettable time in Berlin.

This page contains affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase, which I will be extremely grateful for. Please see my disclosure for more information.

How to spend 3 days in Berlin

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Fun Facts And Some Practical Info

  • Currency: Euro (โ‚ฌ)
  • Language: German, but English is widely spoken.
  • Safety: Very Safe Specially For Solo Female Travelers.
  • Moneywise: Fairly Inexpensive.
  • Famous For: Nightlife, Museums, Cold War History, Quirky art, and modern architecture.
  • Fascinating Facts: Berlin has the largest train station in Europe. Berlin is also 9 times bigger than Paris.

How To Reach Berlin?

  • Flyโœˆ๏ธ: Thre are 2 airports serving Berlin. The biggest one is the Tegel International Airport, located around 10 Km from the main city. This airport is a hub for most of the domestic flights and many international carriers. The best and the cheapest way to reach the main city from here is either via TXL Express Bus or Express Bus X9. Other is called Schรถnefeld Airport. This is the secondary one. Many low-cost airlines mainly from eastern Europe fly from here.

  • Train ๐Ÿš†: Berlin is a huge city, so obviously there are many train stations. The most central one is the Hauptbahnhof. Almost all the trains coming to Berlin will stop here.
  • Bus ๐ŸšŒ: There are two main Bus stations, ZOB and Ostbahnhof. Out of which the former one is bigger and located in district Charlottenburg (west). Ostbahnhof is in the district of Friedrichshain (east). Both could be reached via S-Bahn, U Bahn, train or buses.

PS- For the cheapest Bus and Train tickets In Europe, Use Omio. I use this website all the time. It is really Awesome!

Getting Around In Berlin

Since Berlin is massive, getting around could seem a little too overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. But thanks to the excellent and extensive network of U-Bahn (underground trains) or S-Bahn (regional, elevated trains), buses and trams, getting from point A to B is like a breeze.

Therefore, it is very important to familiarize yourself with different public transport. Once they become your friend, there ain’t a spot in Berlin that couldn’t be reached by them.

The same ticket can be used for all modes of transportation. This is very useful as often you will need to switch from one to another to reach your destination. Tickets can be purchased from machines at U & S-Bahn platforms, small shops with “BVG” signs, buses, or with the BVG app. Don’t forget to validate them once boarded.

All fares are subject to the length of your trip and zone you are traveling to. The cheapest ticket is a Kurzstrecke short distance ticket, which costs around โ‚ฌ1.70 and lets you travel for 3 stops. The most common ticket comes for โ‚ฌ2.80 and allows unlimited travel (one direction) for 2 hours.

More details on U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines can be found here. And for more information on zones and fares, you can check here.

Insider Advice: Consider Getting a ” Berlin Welcome Card“. Not only it gives free access to Berlinโ€™s public transport (including to and from the airport) but also gives you up to 50% discount at more than 200 sights and attractions. It is worth every penny! I highly recommend it.

Best Time To Visit Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s most sexy and exciting city. Being the capital of Germany, it is a popular destination among tourists all year around. Personally, I am a big fan of shoulder season, when the weather is pleasant, the crowd is limited and prices don’t break the bank.

In Berlin, these are from mid-May to mid-June or September to October. Weather during these months is pleasant, which is ideal for cafe sitting, enjoying Berlin’s many parks and having leisure strolls throughout the city.

German winters are not for faint hearts. Really! With the average temperature plummeting to -1 to 10 C in the capital, winter gets extremely chilly. The skies are dreary and days are shorter (usually gets dark after 4 PM). Thus, I will avoid traveling from November- March.

How Many Days Do You Need In Berlin?

This is one city where you can easily spend weeks and realize that you only got to scratch the surface of its widely spread-out neighborhoods. There is so much to do and see here. So now it really comes down to your travel style and interests.

Sure you can see most of the must-visit sights in 1-2 days but you will only be rushing without actually getting the feel of this awesome city. I think you need at least 3-full days to explore the very best of Berlin. In fact, once you start researching more on things to do in Berlin, you might be wondering if 3 days are enough to fit in all it has to offer.

But, don’t worry! The good news is, if you know exactly what to do, things to see and have a solid itinerary, 3 days are more than enough to explore this awesome city.

With this 3 days in Berlin travel guide, we will explore Mitte (the central neighborhood where most of the tourist attractions are), Kreuzburg (Berlin’s coolest neighborhood), Tiergarten and more.

Get Insured Before Travelling To Berlin

I never travel abroad without travel insurance. Really! In case something goes wrong, you must have travel insurance. Frankly speaking, it will be stupid to head off to a new destination without one.

I will recommend World Nomads. Simply because they are backed by reputable insurers, 24-hour assistance providers and offer travel insurance to travelers from over 140 countries.

Even if you donโ€™t get one from World Nomads, make sure to get your travel insurance sorted before you actually start traveling.

Where To Stay In Berlin?

As I mentioned earlier, Berlin is HUGE. In-fact to give you a perspective, it is almost 9 times the size of Paris. Yes, it is that big. In total there are 12 districts (‘Bezirk’ in German), each of these districts has smaller neighborhoods (‘Kiez’). All these Kiez are distinct in culture, people, have their own vibe and hidden gems.

So the choice really depends on your personal preference and budget. To make it simpler here are my recommendations with neighborhoods (things to see, and suggestions for great hotels and hostels), for the different price ranges. I have sorted the list for your convenience. Check my complete guide to Berlin’s coolest neighborhoods, with suggestions about best hostels and hotels.

If you are really short on time, and for some reason, couldn’t read more about each neighborhood specifically, depending on a different budget, here are my recommendations:

To treat yourself during your 3 days in Berlin, you will want to check out Grand Hyatt. This luxurious 5-star hotel is located in the lively Potsdamer Platz district, very close to the sony center. It has a large rooftop pool and a spa, providing spectacular views of the city. Rooms are huge, elegant and provide plenty of space. Check the availability here.

Grand Hyatt, Berlin. 3 days in Berlin
Grand Hyatt

If you are looking for something comfortable yet on budget, you should look no further than Sofitel Berlin Kurfรผrstendamm. Situated at Berlin’s most luxurious neighborhood, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, this 5-star design hotel offers a fabulous french fusion restaurant, an outdoor terrace, and a Lounge Bar, which is perfect if you wanna relax and enjoy a drink in the evening after getting exhausted from all the exploring and travel. Check The Availability Here.

Sofitel Berlin Kurfรผrstendamm, 3 days in Berlin
Sofitel Berlin Kurfรผrstendamm

You can also find apartments to stay in on Airbnb, which is particularly good value when you get up to $42 off your first Airbnb booking if you use my link.

Berlin is a popular destination among solo travelers and backpackers. Thus it is of no surprise that it offers many cool budget hostels at a decent price. One such hostel is the Circus hostel. It is conveniently located in the most central neighborhood, Mitte. With contemporary decorated rooms, chill vibe, and great all-you-can-eat breakfast, it is one of the nicest hostels in the city. You can view the current availability here.

The circus Hostel, 3 days in berlin
The Circus Hostel

For more accommodation options in Berlin, check out Booking.com. I always use it for all my hotels/hostels booking. They offer the best price, with great customer service.

What To Eat During Your 3 Days In Berlin ( Vegan/ Vegetarian )

The vegan scene in Berlin is very strong. I was amazed by the variety of amazing vegan and vegetarian-friendly places here. I won’t be wrong if I call it the vegan mecca of Europe. Really! Despite Germany having the reputation of being meat crazy, Berlin is a somewhat unlikely vegetarian and vegan hotspot. From fine dining to vegetarian twist on local street food, Berlin has it all.

To learn more about the must-try vegan restaurants and cafes in Berlin checkout VeganBerlin.com. They have a complete list with a map of best plant-based food in Berlin, neighborhood-specific guides, and recommendations based on different cuisines.

With so much variety and options, a list of best vegan/vegetarian places in Berlin is sort of endless. But in my humble opinion, I feel there are few things you absolutely can’t miss if you are a vegetarian traveling to Germany:

Pretzels: Just like Paris has its croissants, Rome has pasta, Berlin has its Pretzels or ‘brezel’ in German. You will find them at almost all supermarkets, bakeries, and street food vendors. Traditionally served as a knotted doughy salty delight but you can enjoy delicious creative version as well at Brezel Company Berlin. From sesame seed to cheese, poppy seeds to pumpkin, Brezel company is any Pretzel lover’s dream come true. For the usual classic, I will recommend Alpenstueck, located in Mitte, it is undoubtedly one of the best in the city.

pretzel in berlin

kartoffelpuffer: This is a German take on pancakes. You must have heard about Germany’s love for potatoes. So much that they made pancakes out of them. And yes they are as delicious as they sound. With a fluffy interior and crunchy exterior, these are really something. Usually made with sliced potatoes, flour, egg, and onion, but of course you can also get the vegan version at Kanaan.

Pro Advice: Ask for some apple sauce on the top, the contrasting flavor really adds up. Literally drooling typing this lol!

Pro Advice:

Ask for some apple sauce on the top, the contrasting flavor really adds up. Literally drooling typing this lol!

How To Spend 3 Days In Berlin?

Day 1

From vibrant nightlife to unrivaled architecture, luscious beer gardens to mesmerizing culture, Berlin is a living and breathing city. With so much to see, you will not find any problem in finding things to do. In fact, sometimes it will be challenging to cover everything in just 3 days in Berlin.

Well, don’t worry! I got your back. With my 3 days in Berlin Itinerary, we will cover very best of Berlin while traversing through Mitte, Tiergarten, Kreuzburg and beyond.

So without wasting any time, let’s delve in……


We will start our first-day venturing through the most central district Mitte. At the center of the district is the city’s grandest square, Gendarmenmarkt. Created in the 17th century, this square is surrounded by architectural ensembles like the Berlin concert hall, and the French Cathedral and the New Church. Both the churches or ‘cathedrals’ as dubbed by the locals, sit facing each other. This square will truly give you a perspective on how grand this city was in the 17th-18th century.

Gendarmenmarkt, 3 days in Berlin

Pro Tip: Take a Free walking tour. I know I have said a million times, but I love free walking tours. Not only they are an excellent way to discover a new city but also they can give a good idea about places you would like to visit again. I usually prefer to take them in the early days of my trip. I took one with the original berlin tours. And I will totally recommend it. Mainly for our informative, fun and friendly tour guide.

Checkpoint Charlie:

If you will walk south from the gandermanmrkt, you will reach one of Berlin’s most historic landmarks, Checkpoint Charlie. First set up in 1961, when the city was still divided between East communist Germany and West capitalist Germany. The purpose was to prevent citizens from the east side of the wall to flee to the west side. This checkpoint is one of the most important symbols of divided Berlin. Today, you will find a replica of the guardhouse and a checkpoint.

Fun Fact: While there were several crossings across the city, checkpoint charlie was the only gateway allowed for allied diplomats, foreign tourists, and military personnel to enter into Soviet Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie, 3 days in Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie

Topography Of Terror

Just a short walk from checkpoint charlie is another of Berlin’s must-visit landmarks, Topography Of Terror. As the name suggests, this museum is the artifacts of horrific crimes committed by the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945. The original building was destroyed after the end of the II World War but was rebuilt as a museum to document the frightening history of the Nazi party in Germany.

The entry to the museum is free and it is so worth the visit.

Topography Of Terror, 3 days in Berlin
Topography Of Terror

Potsdamer Platz

At first, Potsdamer Platz might seem like any other metropolitan square, but to understand its significance, one needs to go back in time a little. It is a symbol of how much Berlin has changed in a short time. Once a no man’s land, a complete wasteland with remains of a devasted building from the city’s divided era, today is a thriving urban oasis with headquarters of many MNCs, shopping arena, and modern buildings.

Potsdamer Platz, 3 days in Berlin
Potsdamer Platz

Memoria To The Murder Of Jews

Also known as the Holocaust Memorial, this is reminiscent of mass murder of Jews in Hitler’s Germany.  It’s two thousand, seven hundred and eleven gray concrete slabs, with different dimensions, all arranged in a juxtaposed manner, commemorates the lost lives. It was one of the most heart-wrenching experiences I had. I guess that was the purpose of the artist.

Remember to be respectful when you visit. I remember many tourists taking pictures standing over the slabs, which of course is extremely insensitive and insolent. It is a memorial after all.


As you go north from the holocaust memorial, crossing the famous Brandenburg Gate (I am keeping this as the last stop, for reasons I will tell you later), you will reach the German parliament building, Reichstag. The neo-renaissance architecture is stunning, but the main highlight is the iconic dome, designed to provide massive solar array enough to power the whole arena with 100 percent renewable resource.

Although it is open for the public to visit for free, you will need to book well in advance. You can do the bookings here.

Pro Advice: As this is a popular tourist attraction, there is a high chance you might not get a free slot for your travel dates. Well, don’t worry! there is another way. Kรคfer is a rooftop restaurant located at Reichstag. With an online reservation, you can not only enter the building but enjoy a beautiful view of Berlin from the famed glass dome, while having coffee and cake. Book here.

Reichstag, 3 days in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

From Reichstag, take the same route back, to reach Berlin’s most withstanding landmark, the Brandenburg Gate, a touristic symbol of this city. Constructed between 1788 and 1791, by the Prussian king Frederick William II, this gate has survived both the world wars. the rise and fall of the Berlin wall ( cold war era), and was used extensively in Nazi propaganda and parade. Today, it stands tall as a symbol of reunited Europe, a representation of peace and harmony.

Brandenburg gate, 3 days in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate

I know you must be exhausted from all the walking we did today, but that’s absolutely perfect as right in front of Brandenburg Gate (also our final stop for the day) is an enormous green park, Tiergarten. Originally it was a hunting ground. Today, it is the city’s biggest public park, stretching its borders to around 2.5 square kilometers. Perfect to stretch your legs, and get that much-needed break.

How To Spend 3 Days In Berlin?

Day 2

If you are thinking we explored all that Mitte had to offer, I am glad to inform, that you are wrong. In fact, we barely scratched the surface of it. There are so many more fascinating things to do and see here, and we will do just that on our second day of 3 days in Berlin travel. Plus I will be taking you to one of Berlin’s coolest beer garden, something you absolutely can’t miss here.

Museum Island

With so much history, it is safe to assume this city has tons of amazing museums. As a matter of fact, they have dedicated an entire island for it. The museum island located in the center of Mitte, on the spree river is a dense collection of 5 prestigious, fascinating and world-renowned museums namely the Pergamon Museum, Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Bode Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie.

Even if you are not a fan, and don’t wish to step into any, the surrounding area is a treat in itself. The Lustgarten is a gorgeous park on the island with tons of fountains, grass, and trees, which makes it so worth visiting the island.

If you are planning on visiting all the museums, I will recommend buying a Museum Pass. This will give you entry to  30 museums, for 3-consecutive days. It is a true money saver. You can purchase one here.

Not a big fan of museums but still wish to visit one, I will recommend going to the Pergamon Museum. This museum is dedicated to the history of the ancient east, with artifacts gathered from Iran, Asia Minor, Egypt, and the Caucasus. It is one of the most visited museums in the city. There are many highlights but for me, stunning Ishtar Gate of Babylon was everything. One thing you absolutely cannot miss here. You get buy skip the line tickets here.

Pergamon Museum, 3 days in Berlin
Pergamon Museum

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is another important landmark on the museum island. It is the largest church building in Berlin. With its green cupola and crowned gilded cross, this beaux-arts style architectural landmark is absolutely breathtaking. You can take the guided tour to visit the interiors, the Hohenzollern Crypt, the panoramic terrace, and the church’s exterior. More details here.

Berlin Cathedral, 3 days in Berlin
Berlin Cathedral

Take A Boat Tour On Spree River

Spree flowing through the city is probably the most beautiful part of Berlin. There are many stunning monuments located on its banks. There are two ways you could discover them. Either on foot or on a cruise. I will recommend the latter. While the former was wonderful, I felt it was indeed alluring seeing all those gorgeous sights while cruising through the river. Tickets for a one-hour boat tour can be bought here.

Boat Tour On Spree River, 3 days in Berlin
Boat Tour On Spree River


Just a short walk from the museum island, is Berlin’s busiest square, Alexanderplatz. It is the cities biggest transportation hub, huge shopping centre and showcases an interesting mix of the city’s past and present.

In the center of the square, lies Berlin’s other symbolic landmark, the TV Tower. Though Berlin doesn’t have a classic skyline, this tower is the tallest in all Germany (368 meters). If you wish to enjoy the panoramic views, you can go to the top, there is a deck and a revolving restaurant. While it’s definitely not cheap, but views of the city definitely make it worth a visit. You may purchase skip the line tickets here.

Alexanderplatz, 3 days in Berlin

Beer Garden

Beer, sunshine, and pretzels are all you need to have amazing outdoor times in Berlin. Beer gardens are an innate part of this city’s culture. I feel any trip is incomplete without hanging out at one or more of these cool spots. They are traditional, rustic, green and usually next to rather unusual venues, offering a perfect place to unwind from the busy day.

Some of the best ones are Prater, Zollpackhof Biergarten, Cafรฉ am Neuen See, Golgatha, and Loretta am Wannsee. Each is unique, located at different scenic venues, offering traditional german beers with local delicacies like a pretzel, sausages, and pizzas. I will recommend reading more about each, depending on your personal preference. I went to Cafรฉ am Neuen See and Prater. Had a ball of a time.

How To Spend 3 Days In Berlin?

Day 3

It is our last day of 3 days in Berlin. You are probably much more familiar with public transport at this time. This is awesome as we will be venturing to quite a few further aways districts, get a feel of Berlin’s wild nightlife and see what this city has to offer beyond museums and so-called popular tourist attractions.

East Side Gallery

Located on the Spree at the former borders of the Soviet and American sector, next to the Oberbaumbrรผcke (a popular bridge), East side gallery is the longest remaining part of the Berlin wall which is still intact. Though, small cement parts of the wall could still be found through the city where the wall once existed. But this gallery is the only long solid monument depicting the former division of this city.

The wall is covered in vivid and creative murals, providing the snapshots of the period surrounding the fall of the wall. The most popular of course is the mural of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing, but there is a hell lot of other street art to be admired here.

Pro Tip: If you are really interested in learning more about Berlin’s street art, consider taking the Alternative Berlin Experience Tour. With this, you can experience not only Berlin’s amazing street art, but enjoy city markets, cafรฉ districts, artist quarters, multi-cultural neighborhoods, and much more.


I know I have mentioned this before, but Kreuzberg is one district you absolutely can’t miss in Berlin. There is no specific attraction per se here but the atmosphere of the whole district is something you should experience. Here you won’t have to search for graffiti, art or cafes. They are literally at every spot you could find. Mostly famous for being LGBT friendly, hidden nightclubs, contemporary art, and exceptional Turkish cuisines, it showcases a cool hip side of Berlin.

Kreuzberg, 3 days in berlin

Berlin Tempelhof Airport

Now you must be wondering why am I taking you to see an airport? Tempelhof is not a usual airport from where you can take a flight lol. Back in a day, this was one of Europe’s largest structures, used for testing some of the world’s first aircraft, housed World War II prisoners and an only lifeline for West Berliner during the cold war. Today it is used as a massive refugee camp.

Fun Fact: This airport served as a filming location for popular Hollywood movies like The Hunger Games, The Bourne Supremacy, and Bridge of Spies.

Pro Tip: To learn Tempelhof history, visit lesser-known parts, and understand the importance of Tempelhof throughout history, take a 2 hour guided tour.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport, 3 days in Berlin
Berlin Tempelhof Airport

Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace will truly give you a glimpse of Berlin’s splendorous side. Built-in the 17th century, this baroque and rococo style architectural landmark was once the residence of the Prussian king and German emperor William I. Today, it hails high as the city grandest palace with plenty of magnificent sights for the visitors to enjoy.

Although a visit inside the palace, for its grand rooms, Gallery ballroom and Silver Vault is super interesting. The real highlight for me were expansive palace parks, manicured garden, and gorgeous lawn lakes. I feel wandering through the grounds and gardens of the palace, alone is a good reason to visit Charlottenburg.

Enjoy Berlin’s Nightlife

So you had a phenomenal 3 days in Berlin. But wait we are not done yet. You are not only in Germany’s capital but also Europe’s ‘clubbing capital’. From electro and pop to indie, hip-hop, and rock, Berlin’s nightlife has got it all. Its underground club scene is world-famous. Berlin truly is a city that never sleeps.

With so many options and limited time, deciding which club to go might be difficult. That’s why I always prefer taking a pub crawl. Especially when I am in a new city. With these, you can not only enjoy a variety of cool bars, get a VIP entrance to some of the city’s best nightclubs but also have free shots and drinks, throughout the night. Check out these high-rated pub crawls in Berlin.

I hope you an awesome time in Berlin! It truly is magical...

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