Seville or Sevilla in Spanish is the fourth largest city, located in the south of Spain, famous for flamenco dancing, gothic architecture, and mouthwatering tapas. This beloved European city will take you to an old-time era and should definitely be on everyone’s travel itinerary. From the largest gothic cathedral in the world to the unique Plaza with its own canals and bridges, there is plenty of things to do in Seville.

My complete guide to Sevilla includes; Things to See in Seville | Where to Stay | How to Travel | What to Eat | Best time to visit

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This page contains affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase, which I will be extremely grateful for. Please see my disclosure for more information.

How to Reach Seville?

  • By Airโœˆ๏ธ; There is only one international airport (SVQ) which is located roughly 25 minutes’ drive from the main city and has decent connectivity to most of the European Union and within Spain. Uber operates in the city and should cost around 15-20โ‚ฌ (airport to city center). Another and cheaper option is a public bus, for 4โ‚ฌ.

Book a flight from New York to Seville for just $ 160 and from London to Seville for just $40.

  • By Rail๐Ÿšˆ ; The main train station is Santa Justa Station. If you are coming from Madrid, the train ride should take less than 3 hours and they run very often throughout the day. There is an overnight train from Barcelona and just an hour train to Cรณrdoba.

For cheap, convenient and reliable transport anywhere within Europe, use OMIO. I booked all my train and bus tickets during my travel through their website. It is really awesome.

Get Insured Before Traveling To Seville

I never ever travel abroad without travel insurance. Really! In case something goes wrong, you must have travel insurance. Frankly speaking, it will be stupid to head off to a new destination without one.

I will recommend World Nomads. Simply because they are backed by reputable insurers, 24-hour assistance providers and offer travel insurance to travelers from over 140 countries.

Even if you donโ€™t get one from World Nomads, make sure to get your travel insurance sorted before you actually start traveling.

Getting Around In Seville

Like most European cities, Seville is also best explored on foot. But there are other ways too;

  • Bikes; Sevilla can be best described with relatively flat roads but narrow cobbled streets thus they are usually jammed with traffic, making it perfect for biking. There are plenty of rentals all around the town at a reasonable price. Tip; Make sure to lock your bike at all times as there is a high chance of theft here.

I took a 3-hour sunset guided bike tour. And I can’t recommend it enough, mainly because of our informed and fun tour guide. We covered all the quintessential monuments, neighborhoods and places. Plus he gave us many recommendations for food, flamenco, and some insider tips. If interested, you can book the same here.

  • Metro; Frankly not the best option, as there is only one single line and tickets are relatively expensive. If you are still interested, you can learn more about the fares and routes here.
  • Buses; This is probably the best, most cost-efficient and easiest option, as Sevilla has an extensive bus network covering all barrios all around the city. One way ticket( buy onboard) is 1.5โ‚ฌ. You can also get a whole day pass for 5โ‚ฌ or 3 days pass for 10โ‚ฌ. Read more here.
  • Taxis/Uber; There are both local taxis (which I don’t recommend as they are relatively pricey and drivers are not very trustworthy with fare) and Uber which of course is cheaper and a better option.

Where to Stay In Seville? (NEIGHBORHOODS)

Seville neighborhoods

  • 1. El Centro & El Arenal; El Centro as the word suggests is the historic city center. Most of the tourist attractions like Cathedral, Alcazar Royal Palace, Metropol Parasol, and few more lies here. It’s filled with tapas bars, streets, restaurants and tons of shopping. As you can see from the map above, its the heart of everything.
  • Tip; Neighborhood is super touristy, prices for food and accommodation will be relatively high. I would personally avoid staying here but the streets get really lively especially at night, making it a fun place to spend your evenings in Seville.
  • El Arenal; Although a separate neighborhood but its adjacent to El Centro and could be considered as part of the city center. The key attraction here is the bullring staging world’s best bullfights every spring. Just like El Centro, this is also an expensive district.

Gorgeous Luxury Hotel In El Centro: Hotel Amadeus & La Musica

Hotel Amadeus & La Musica
Hotel Amadeus & La Musica

Looking for an awesome mid-range option? Checkout Suites Machado. Just 200 m from Santa Marรญa La Blanca Church and 600 m from Barrio Santa Cruz, they offer mesmerizing city view from, free wifi, a fully equipped kitchen and much more. You can check the availability here.

Suites Machado
Suites Machado

Best Hostel In Old Town: Hostel One Catedral. Very close to Barrio Santa Cruz and Plaza de Espaรฑa, this hostel has air-conditioned rooms, a shared lounge, free WiFi and a terrace where they organize many fun events, a great way to meet fellow travelers. Check the availability here.

  • 2. Santa Cruz; This charming old Jewish neighborhood characterized by a maze of narrow cobbled streets and romantic squares is one of the most iconic barrios of the city. It famously touts to have Seville’s best flamenco joints (we will get into that later) and plenty of tapas bars.
  • The neighborhood surrounds the wall of the famous Alcazar. The best thing, in my opinion, is to get a gelato and wander around the streets of Santa Cruz. You will get lost but its an experience in itself.

PS- If it is your first time booking at Airbnb, you can use my code and get $40 off their first trip.

El Rey Moro is a luxurious boutique hotel located in Santa Cruz. It has a pleasing traditional patio-courtyard, perfect to sit out and enjoy the peaceful ambiance. They also have a jacuzzi on the rooftop, which is perfect to relax your body after a long day of walking, exploring Sevilla. Check the availability here.

El Rey Moro is a luxurious boutique hotel
El Rey Moro is a luxurious boutique hotel

Best Budget Hotel in Santa Cruz: Hotel Murillo. With comfortable rooms, a terrace rooftop with a seasonal bar overlooking the city, its a great value for money. You can check the availability here.

Hotel Murillo
Hotel Murillo

Best Hostel In Santa Cruz: Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art. Book here.

  • 3. Macarena; Historically a poor neighborhood infamous for drugs and prostitution, Macarena transformed its identity in the late 2000s. Today, it’s one of the trendiest and hippy neighborhood of Seville. Its LGBTQ friendly and has a great vibe to it. It’s not very far from the city center and has plenty of budget hostels and hotels. It also has the largest remaining section of the original Moorish city wall, giving the feel of what it was like living in Islamic Spain.

Beautiful Luxury Hotel In Macarena: Exe Sevilla Macarena. Set in a typical Sevilla style patio, opposite Macarena basilica, it features a rooftop pool with panoramic city views, comfortable beds and all you can eat buffet. You can check the availability here.

Exe Sevilla Macarena
Exe Sevilla Macarena

Nice Hostel In Macarena: Macarena Triple 

  • 4. Triana; Located on the other side of the river, historically known as working-class neighborhood Triana is a former gypsy quarter but today it’s famous for the most influential flamenco artists and bullfighters. It is also known for lovely handmade ceramics, whitewashed houses, traditional family-style tapas bars, and one of Sevilleโ€™s best and most lively markets, the Mercado de Triana.
  • I would really recommend staying the night here as its cheaper, away from the usual touristy chaos and you can find great value for money on food and accommodation here.

Best Luxury Accommodation In Triana: Casa del Poeta Triana Suite & Homes

Casa del Poeta Triana Suite & Homes
Casa del Poeta Triana Suite & Homes

Cozy mid-range accommodation in Triana: Petit Palace Puerta de Triana. It features rooms with modern Andalusian dรฉcor, lounge, library and all you can eat buffet. The location is very lively as there are many restaurants, bars, and shops in the surrounding streets. You can check the availability here.

Best Hostel In Triana: Triana Backpackers 

Triana Backpackers
Triana Backpackers

Best Time To Visit Seville

  • Not So Good Months; July and August. Mainly because of the temperature. It gets extremely hot during the day (temperature averaging around 50′ C) and most of the locals leave the city, so If you don’t want to burn in the sun, please avoid these months (unfortunately I visited in August and it wasn’t very pleasant, to say the least lol)
  • Best Months; March to June. The weather is pleasant, less touristy so you can get a great deal with accommodation and food. Plus Seville’s two most famous celebrations Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Feria de Abril happen during these months. So along with tourist attractions, there would be plenty of other things to do.

How Many Days In Seville?

Ideally, I will suggest 2 full days and 2 nights in Sevilla. If you can squeeze an extra day, there are numbers of day trips options from Sevilla like the wonderful city of Cรณrdoba and Carmona.

If you are short on time, you can still cover the main attraction in two full days and a night. Having said that I do feel this city definitely deserves more. There are so many hidden charms that could be explored with more leisurely days.

What to Eat? Vegetarian & Vegan Food Guide

Despite its meat-loving exterior, Seville is quite vegetarian friendly. To be honest I found it to be more open to vegan/vegetarians than Madrid. Even in local cuisine, you can find a lot of vegetarian tapas.

  • Vegetarian Tapas ;
  • Tortilla de patatas: This is the Spanish version of Omelets, making them fluffier, with potatoes and onions. Its a beloved food and could be found anywhere in the city. I will recommend trying them at La Taberna.
Patatas bravas
Patatas bravas
  • Espinacas con garbanzos: Its basically a spinach and chickpeas dish. It sounds simple but is delicious. It goes really well with any drink and could be found in most of the regular tapas bars.

Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly Restaurants

  • La Chunga: This is my favorite little restaurant in Seville. Three reasons; the atmosphere is very lively, mostly locals come here and the best part its really good value for money. I will recommend trying zucchini risotto and roasted vegetables. Delicious! Official Website.
La Chunga:
La Chunga
  • Gaia Centro Ecolรณgico: This is a 100% meat-free restaurant. A delicious and healthy variety of vegan dishes and the best part; there is also a small grocery store full of plant-based products. For more details like timings and products, check out their website.
  • Taj Mahal; If you are a sucker for Indian food like me then go to the Taj Mahal. Its located in Santa Cruz, little pricey but justifies its name. It is the closest to desi cuisine you can get in Seville (I have tried at many places but this one wins). Official website.

Top Things To Do & See in Seville?

  • 1. Plaza de Espana (Maria Luisa Park)

Plaza technically means an open square. Sevillians proudly call their plaza as the most beautiful in the entire country and I don’t differ. This Magnificent piece of architecture is located inside Maria Luisa Park.

The red brick structure is painted with colorful azulejos ceramic tiles that are popular in Seville and can be found all across the city. Its one of the most Instagram-able spots in the town, so don’t forget to get some beautiful travel pictures here.

Cool fact; The famous Hollywood movie The Dictator was shot at Plaza de Espana.

Entrance; Entrance to the Plaza and the park is free.

Best time; Go early morning to avoid heaps of tourists or in the evening around 5-7pm when the whole plaza comes to life with street artists, flamenco dancers, and performers.

Pro-tip; Be very careful with your belongings. This city is infamous for pickpocketing and thefts.

Surrounding the plaza is the impressive and lush green Maria Luisa Park. A good place to take a stroll and give your feet some rest from all the walking you will probably do.


  • 2. The Royal Palace of Alcรกzar ;

It’s a palace built for Christian king on the sites of Muslim residential fortress and is the most visited place in Seville. Another top Instagram worthy location in Spain, it should be a must-visit while in Seville. The palace itself has two floors, upper-level of which is still used by the royal family as a residence.

Cool Fact; This palace is Hollywood’s royalty. Lawrence of Arabia, Reds, 1492: The Conquest of Paradise, and the Kingdom of Heaven and many other films were filmed here. And yes you Game of Thrones fan, remember those scenes of water gardens of drone from season 5? Well, they were shot here.


Entrance; 12.5โ‚ฌ.

Pro-tip; They only allow 750 visitors at a time. Thus line to the entrance can be really long and exhausting. I strongly recommend buying tickets online in advance. You can purchase it here.


Seville’s cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. It is also the final resting place of Christopher Columbus. So it won’t be wrong to say that this is the most prominent tourist attraction of Sevilla.

Cathedral also has a tower called La Giralda which is a former minaret. If you don’t mind climbing 28 floors, go to the top of the tower for stunning views of the city.

Entrance; 9โ‚ฌ (for both the cathedral and the tower)

Pro-tip; Entrance is free on Mondays from 4;30- 6;30pm ( but do reserve your spot online as it gets filled pretty quick). You can book it here.


  • 4. The Royal Tobacco Factory
  • The today’s university of Sevilla but formerly the largest tobacco factory in the world. In the 18th century, it produced almost 75% of European tobacco. It’s an off beaten thing to include in your itinerary but the entrance is free and lies in the city center. If you have extra time, pop into the building and have a look. It’s quite interesting.

  • 5. METROPOL PARASOL (Las Setas de Sevilla)

Locals call it “the mushroom” (probably because of the shape), its a wooden, waffle-like structure made in 2011, located above the La Encarnaciรณn square in the center of Seville. Go there for excellent views of the city and sunset.

Entrance; 3โ‚ฌ

Pro-tip; There is a small restaurant at the top and if you buy a drink, you won’t have to pay an entrance fee. Official website.

Las Setas de Sevilla
Las Setas de Sevilla


Any trip to Spain is incomplete without authentic flamenco experience and there ain’t a better town to enjoy true flamenco than Sevilla.

I went to 4 different types of flamenco shows and loved all of them. But the one that stood out was at La Carboneria (Calle Cรฉspedes, 21A, 41004 Sevilla, Spain). It’s popular among the locals so you know its good. There is no admission fee but you will need to buy a drink (so worth it).

Pro-tip; Since flamenco is popular among tourists, making it a huge tourist trap. Don’t pay extravagant fees for flamenco. Check with locals for suggestions or go for the one I mentioned. Promise, you will have a great time.

If you visit Plaza de Espana in the evening, (5-7 pm) you will most likely find street flamenco performers. I am not exaggerating if I say it was the best flamenco I saw. My mind was blown by the intensity and passion of those dancers. A BIG SHOUTOUT TO ALL OF THEM!

The performance is free but they rely heavily on your tips( please pay them well, they so deserve it).

  • 7. Biking Tours

As I mentioned earlier, Sevilla is extremely bike-friendly and also it is super fun to bike around the narrow cobbled streets of this mesmerizing town. If you are looking for a guided tour, why not do it on bikes? There are many companies offering such tours, you can get more information online. I booked mine through get your guide and totally loved it. You can book the same here.

Check out my recommendations on the best travel apps to help you save time and money.

So now you are all set! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Hop on the plane and start exploring this magnificent small old town of Spain.

If you have any travel-related queries don’t hesitate to write them to me or leave a comment down below. I read all of them haha ….

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Madrid is a bustling capital of Spain swaying in history and present smoothly. Its so far my most favorite city in Europe (so you can imagine how I excited I am to share everything about this gorgeous city with you all ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’š). It’s rightly said that you can leave Madrid but it never leaves you …..


Madrid has lot to offer from world class museums, historic monuments, vibrant night life, one of the world’s best shopping, and luscious food from all corners of the world. The real energy of this city lies in its people and the love they have for their culture. Any short trip is not good enough to experience real Madrid completely but you can still cover maximum attractions and get a decent feel of the city in 2 days time. So lets dive into that….

This page contains affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase, which I will be extremely grateful for. Please see my disclosure for more information.

Where To Stay In Madrid ?

Madrid is an enormous city but all the major attractions just like any other European city, lies within the circular, pretty much walkable range of the city centre. SOL could be considered as the centre of Madrid. Below is the map of all the major central neighborhoods and pretty much all you would need to know for your two day visit.

neighbourhoods of madrid
  • SOL ; As I mentioned earlier Sol is the city centre for maximum tourist attractions, shopping and transport. Plenty of old and new restaurants are located here. If I had to describe Sol, I would say its like TIME SQUARE of Madrid. (As its the centre, hostels/hotels could be little pricey)
  • GRAND VIA; Although its not the separate neighborhood but has a separate metro station and only 5 minutes walk away to Sol. Could be considered as part of the city centre. You can find plenty of hostels and hotels here. I stayed at MUCHO MADRID Hostel. (If you are looking for a quite room, at a reasonable price but excellent location you can consider this hostel). I really enjoyed my time and wouldn’t mind staying here again.

PS- If you are looking to stay at airbnb, use my code and get upto โ‚ฌ38 off . 

  • CHUECHA; Also known as gay neighborhood, Chuecha has the trendiest nightlife of the city. Its very close to gran via and has fabulous restaurants, outdoor terraces, and boutiques making it one of the best places to go out in Madrid.
  • MALASANA; Its neighbor to Chuecha, and undoubtedly the hippest neighborhood of Madrid. Graffitis on walls, high end tattoo parlors, urban trendy cafes, bars, restaurants and vintage shops could be seen all around this neighborhood. Even if you don’t stay here its a great place to spend your afternoons.
  • HUERATAS; Also known as Barrio de las Letras, this neighborhood is just 5 minutes away from Sol and perfect point to start your night out in Madrid. Filled with some upscales, some divey bars, amazing restaurants, it comes alive at night. Walking down the street of Hueratas will take you to Paseo del Prado where most of the museums and sight seeing activities are located.
  • SALMANCA; This is the most upscale neighborhood of Madrid. If this was in New York, I would call it an ‘upper east side’ mainly because its located above Retiro Park (just like central park in NY). Its home to high end stores, prime real estate and top notch restaurants. If you have deep pockets and looking for a posh, quite neighborhood, Salmanca should be your choice.
  • LA LATINA; Its cute, traditional neighborhood of Madrid filled with old architecture and finest local cuisines. If you want to experience what 18th century Madrid looked like, look no further.

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Madrid is the largest city in Spain but thankfully is very well connected via metros, buses and trains. Madrid’s metro system is one of the largest in Europe connecting the entire city and is undoubtedly the most reliable and cost efficient option. One way ticket is โ‚ฌ1.5- โ‚ฌ2 depending where you are traveling to or you could get 10 tickets for โ‚ฌ12.2. Uber also operates in the city.

ADVICE; Once you are in the centre, all the attractions and central neighborhoods could be explored on foot. I won’t suggest getting 10 tickets right away. Its a good idea to explore the city while walking first and maybe then get a metro card if needed. (I made a mistake of buying 10 tickets on my first day but never really used them lol)


  • CHOCOLATE AND CHURROS ; This has to be my number one on the list. If there is one sweet treat you can’t leave Madrid without, its Hot Chocolate with Churros. Oh man I can’t think of anything better than crispy, fried to perfection, dusted with sugar Churros dipped in thick and sinfully delicious hot chocolate ๐Ÿคค ๐Ÿคค Best place to have them is at Chocolaterรญa San Ginรฉs. This place is like mecca of churros. Their hot chocolate is so thick you will need a spoon to lick it off (no kidding). And guess what, its open 24/7. I went there for breakfast and also for a midnight snack at 3๐Ÿ˜( sorry not sorry haha)
Chocolaterรญa San Ginรฉs
  • TORTILLA DE PATATAST ; This is Spain’s national dish and fortunately is vegetarian (contains eggs though). There are several places you can try them but I will recommend going to Bar Cerveriz because of the location (Plaza de San Miguel, 2)
  • PATATOS BRAVAS ; How can you go wrong with deep fried potatoes dipped in cheesy or spicy sauce? Its a great side dish served as tapas in bars. I would recommend going to Mercado de San Miguel .
  • PIMIENTOS DE PADRON; These are fried green peppers could be found in almost all tapas bars (served as side dish). Though they look spicy but they aren’t really (I know my desis reading this would be slightly disappointed lol)

Shi-Shang ( one of my favorites in Madrid). Its located at Gran via and serves all you can eat veggie buffet. Other places you can go to are Abonavida, Viva Burger, Artemisa (vegetarian lasagne is really good). Off-course there are plenty others, these are few I went to and really liked.

Get Insured Before Traveling To Madrid

I never ever travel abroad without a travel insurance. Really ! In case something goes wrong , you must have a travel insurance. Frankly speaking, it will be stupid to head off to a new destination without one.

I will recommend World Nomads. Simply because they are backed by reputable insurers, 24-hour assistance providers and offer travel insurance to travellers from over 140 countries.

Even if you donโ€™t get one from World Nomads, make sure to get your travel insurance sorted before you actually start traveling.



As the name suggest, this is a public square and probably the most busy area of Madrid. This could be an excellent starting point for you travel itinerary as it lies literally at heart of the city and all the major attractions are either left or right from the square. It comes alive in the evening with abundance of live performances by street artists and musicians, smalls restaurants, shops and bars. Once you are here, don’t forget to notice the clock at the top of Casa de Correos (where city’s famous new year’s countdown happens) & El Oso y el Madroรฑo (statue of bear and the strawberry tree) which is the official symbol of Madrid and one of the prominent tourist spot.

El Oso y el Madroรฑo

This is one of the most popular art museums of the world. There are overwhelming collections by renowned artists like Velรกzquez, Francisco Goya,  El Greco, and many others but the most famous is David Victorious over Goliath by Caravaggio. The entrance fee is โ‚ฌ15. Personally I am not very big on museums and hence chose not to skip this but if you plan then I would advice buying the tickets online as line can be gruesome long.


Another famous square with fountain in the centre surrounded by 4 marvelous buildings: the Bank of Spain, Palacio de Linares, Palacio de Buena vista and the Cybele Palace. If you are walking from Puerto de Sol towards Prado museum you will most likely cross this.


Also known as El retiro, this is the largest park of Madrid. Till 19th century it was reserved for Spain’s royalty, later opened to public. Its few steps away from Padro museum and personally my favorite spot in the city. This park is hugggeee, it has a small lake inside where you can rent a tiny boat to paddle around for few euros, a small pond, a crystal palace made entirely of glass, rose garden, statue walk and plenty more. If you are visiting in summer, you might encounter some cool concerts happening in the park.


If you are looking to immerse yourself in local culture, look no further. This should be a must if you are visiting Madrid. Its a market located in central madrid, few hundred meters from Gran via offering superb options in Spanish and international cuisines. From variety of fresh fruits, wine, tapas, sea food and meat, it has lot for every kind of foodie. I was little skeptical to go in first as I am a vegetarian and options in local cuisine are very limited but to my surprise I had a great time. (can always get a glass of red wine and some tapas๐Ÿ˜‰) TIP; Its relatively pricey but I would still suggest going mainly for the atmosphere if not food.


The Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest palace in entire Europe just after palace of Versailles. Having visited both, I feel Versailles is more beautiful but this is no less. Its definitely worth going. Its the official residence of King Felipe VI, though he doesn’t live here and mostly the palace is used for royal ceremonies and state dinners. There is also a cathedral in the premise and you need to buy a separate ticket. (If you are on a budget I won’t suggest buying the ticket for the cathedral but definitely don’t skip the palace). Cost; โ‚ฌ12. Official Website

Royal Palace of Madrid

This is another Madrid’s famous plaza located at the heart of old town with a grand arcade square filled with tons of coffee shops, open bars, restaurants. Everything is slightly overpriced. (tip; as you walk outside the plaza, you will reach mercado san miguel which has more and better options for food and drinks)


Although lot of tourist skip this but I feel this is another must visit in Madrid. Its an authentic Egyptian temple built in 2nd century Debod, rebuilt in Madrid in 1972. Temple itself is not big but the locational is incredible. Its located at this beautiful park call WEST PARK, very close to the royal palace. ( TIP; Go for the sunset ). Trust me you will not forget the view of sun falling below the horizon. I went there for both my evenings in Madrid and still feel it wasn’t enough.


This buzzing avenue is full of life from entertainment, food , shopping, culture , it has everything. In the day time the streets are filled with shoppers both local and tourist and in the night you will find Madrid’s top night clubs here. Its a great place to enjoy the lifestyle of true Madrilenian.


Though Madrid is not the homeland of traditional flamenco genre but being the capital it has flourished some great flamenco artists and performances. There are abundance of options to choose from and you can’t complete your trip to Spain without a flamenco show. I went to this late night restaurant called Clan for a FREE flamenco. Okay, so youโ€™ll need to buy a drink, but you get to watch the authentic flamenco performance and was so worth it. (TIP; If you are also traveling to Seville, which I highly recommend lol, you can skip Flamenco in Madrid).

  • Hot Air Ballon (Optional only if you have an extra day)

Its little offbeat but a fun experience to do when in Madrid. There are two places you could take a hot air balloon ride close to Madrid. One is TOLEDO and other is SEGOVIA. I took the one through Get your guide. It’s was a fun one time experience. Details here.

toledo madrid


If you have a spare day and don’t want to spend money on hot air ballon ride, I will still suggest visiting SEGOVIA and TOLEDO.

Toledo is an imperial city and was the capital of Spain till 16th century, has intriguing mix of three cultures, “Islam, Christianity and Judaism” which could be seen in its architecture, streets, museums and its definitely worth exploring.

Segovia is another small town located not very far from Madrid famous for some valuable UNESCO landmarks including the famous Alcazar.

Both the towns have good train connectivity to Madrid. But If you are planning to visit both on the same day (which I did), I recommend booking a tour with pick and drop service to Madrid, as transportation between both the towns is not as easy. This is the one I took.



  • Day 1 ; Start your day at Puerto de Sol, ( don’t forget to get your picture with the bear statue ) —-> Head to Chocolaterรญa San Ginรฉs for breakfast —–> Walk towards Padro Museum via Plaza de Cibeles. After spending few hours exploring the museum —-> Retiro Park. If you are looking for a fun way to spend the night, go to CHUECHA .
Madrid day 1 itineary ; puerto de sol,san gimes, plaza de cibelles, prado museum, el ritiro

DAY 2 ; Start your second day by going west of Puerto de Sol to Plaza Mayor-—> Mercado San Miguel for food—-> Royal Palace —-> Temple of Debod (for sunset)—> Gran via to spend your last night in Madrid.

day 2; plaza mayor, san miguel, royal palce, temple of debod, gran via

Have fun collecting memories in Madrid โค๏ธโค๏ธ. If you find this article helpful please like and share further ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

If you have any suggestions for future blogs, feel free to leave it in a comment down below โฌ‡๏ธ


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