Six Reasons You must Visit Slovakia

6 Amazing Reasons To Visit Slovakia Today!

A hidden gem of central Europe, country of castles and mountains, Slovakia has something for everyone. Yet I can bet most of the people won’t even where it is located on the map.

Well, this country deserves way more. Indeed a small a country, but there is a lot to be explored from splendid natural scenery, rich history, art and culture to several UNESCO sights.

Here are six amazing facts and information about Slovakia which will make you wanna visit this marvelous country soon:

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Here We Go ….

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  1. 1. Castles and Chateaux

No matter where in Slovakia you are, you will find a castle nearby. This country is home to 220 castles and 425 chateaux. Considering how small geographically this nation is, these numbers are mind-boggling.

Fun Fact; You can’t drive in Slovakia for straight 2 hours without seeing at-least one castle.

Castles of Slovakia
Castles of Slovakia
  • 2. Nature

Do you know 40% of Slovakia’s region is covered in the forest ? In fact, it’s Europe’s most forested country.

There is a total of 9 national parks, out of which the most famous one is High Tatras National Park. It’s a paradise for adventure lovers. Considering the fact that Slovakia has only 5.5 million people for 49,035 sq. km of land, it is highly possible to have these beautiful mountains, green-fields, and lakes just for yourself.

Beautiful Landscape : reasons to visit solvakia
  • 3. Caves

There are a plethora of caves and underground places in Slovakia. I once read there are 5000-7000 caves in Slovakia, out of which 2400 are open for the public.

Fun Fact; Aragonite Cave or more famously known as an “underground milky-way hallway” is one of the only three aragonite caves of the world.

Slovakia Caves, Aragonite cave
  • 4. Location

Slovakia is a special nation. It is bordered by Poland to the North, Ukraine to the east, Hungary in the south, Czech Republic and Austria in the west. Thus regardless of one’s route while backpacking/traveling in Europe, Slovakia could be easily included in anyone’s itinerary.

Fun Fact; Slovakia’s capital Bratislava, is the only capital in the world which borders two other countries ( Austria and Hungary).

In fact, Austria’s capital Vienna is only an hour’s drive from Bratislava. So, If you are on a Schengen visa, you can easily visit both the countries.

Central Europe Map, Slovakia Map
Slovakia’s Map
  • 5. Cheap

Compared to northern and western Europe, Slovakia is still very cheap. One could easily visit Slovakia with a budget of 25โ‚ฌ – 30โ‚ฌ/ per day (this includes food, accommodation, sightseeing, and transit ). This is a rough estimate for Bratislava but if you go to the countryside, the cost will be much cheaper.

While traveling around Europe, left with few euros? Why Not Go To Slovakia?

Reasons to Visti Slovakia : Cheap
  • 6. Good Booze

Like Russians, Slovak’s have their own vodka called Boroviฤka (made with Jupiter berries) and Slivovitz (made with plums). So if you are a lover of shots, Slovakia is a place for you. PS: Slovak’s have a reputation, they would not let you stop drinking … Haha ( well I warned you )

Fun Fact: Beer lover? This country is everything you could dream of. Where else can you get 0.5L beer for 0.8โ‚ฌ ???

Cheap Beer and Boroviฤka
Good and Affordable Booze

There are so many reasons to visit Slovakia, these are just a few of them….

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6 reasons to visit slovakia

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  1. Did you know Finland is part of Europe and 75% of Finland is covered in forest. So Slovekia is not the most forested country in Europe.

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